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Say NO to "Copy + Paste": 3 Ways to Make Your Wedding Memorable

We've all seen it- the overboard trends, obligatory traditions, and money spent on things that quite frankly no one cares about. At CBK we have been lucky to have fabulous couples who have chosen to shake things up one way or another and let their spirit as a couple shine through on their wedding day. Something I am very passionate about, and a large reason an extroverted person like me unconsciously chose this career, is the human connection. I am not going to get too intense here, but the ability to connect with a couple and their love story is everything to me being their day of "go to" on the single most expensive day of their life. If you've seen my portfolio you know that "copy + paste" is never what you are going get with myself or my team. There are always going to be common themes or ideas that 100% work in this industry, but a CBK wedding day is about the FEELING. Let's give your guests the best, your way! Below are our top 3 ways top create a standout wedding day that doesn't break the bank:

1. Honor your heritage/culture

This seems like a simple one but it is often overlooked. The fusing of two families is amazing, can come with challenges, and usually has its fair share of differences. After all, opposites attract right? This is simple to implement with:


Cocktails (or no cocktails)

Tea/Beverages/Dessert after dinner

Ceremony elements (readings in another language or another religion, special family member spotlights or homage)

Couple Apparel

Guest Apparel (fun dress code)



Reception Elements (I hope you are picturing the Greek plate smashing in "The Wedding Planner")


2. Wedding Programming

It sounds weird to use the corporate word of "programming" in reference to weddings, but realistically half of your day is full of programming. When I say this I am referring to toasts, ceremony elements, first dances, dollar dances, etc. It may seem there is only one way to do a wedding traditionally, but at CBK we believe in doing whatever the f*ck you want. Not feeling a bouquet toss? Want to pepper the mic around for 30 second toasts? Skip the dances? Do you want the largest group picture ever? Karaoke? Have at it. As far as we are concerned this only adds to the authenticity of a day full of connection.

3. Authentic touches

Speaking of authenticity, this one may seem easy but if you are more "left brained" in regards to the overall vision it can be difficult to do. One of the most popular examples of this that I am partial to is special appearances by your furry friends. I am 100% projecting as the owner of a 13 year old retired queen Shih Tzu, but I think most pet owners feel me on this. A cute special appearance similar to this is a nice touch. These can be implemented a number of ways, but the point again is the feeling of "YOU" as a couple..

Dating app crack- 50% of my couples have met online and finally old fashioned folks are understanding this wonderful form of matchmaking. Why not throw in a "swipe right" signature cocktail or fun nod with your guest book? I am just spitballing here so it's definitely a little out there but you see what I mean.

First Date- Did you have the best first date and go home and call your best friend sharing that you met your soulmate? It can be fun to re-create this with cuisine, similar restaurant or bar vibes (decor, serving ware), or a little vignette for your sweetheart table just like that adorable family-owned Italian place where your love story began.

Destination/Hometown- There are so many ways to infuse your hometown or a favorite trip into your wedding day. Is there a main export that is notable for your state/region? One of my brides did a Huckleberry syrup in cocktails as she is from Montana and it was definitely something guests embraced. After all, if you are in the midwest you do not see that too often. Here are some more ideas:



Color scheme (coastal perhaps)


Activities (does anyone line dance anymore?)

Rentals (supper club feels anyone?)

Now go let your day shine! If you need creative direction, ideas, or wedding support you know who to call;) CBK offers standalone design consultation as well if you've got the general scope of planning covered.

Cheers! Kait

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