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Behind the Book: Multipassionate Excerpt

A little something from my book writing journey, XO

The niche is something that has been discussed at length in terms of career objectives for as long as I remember. “Be good at one thing, specialize, and continue to grow and therefore earn a significant income” is going through my head currently. It is awesome to be super skilled and the go-to expert for a given field/subfield, but what if that something does not turn up the volume in your life? It creates financial security and respect among your peers, but does it ultimately satisfy you? Maybe it does, and I am so glad if it does! However, what if you have always wanted to pursue your natural strength in sales and join a company that has products or services you believe in and love? You should go for it. I am not saying go broke for an MLM, but maybe those products or services speak to you in a way that can help you help others. Sales does not have to be icky, realistically it should be a smooth process of meeting needs or desires for someone else. If that brings in $300/month but makes you feel good and improves your confidence by being multifaceted, I see no reason to not indulge that part of your skillset. This is all a roundabout way of saying you do not need to be known for just one thing. You can be many things with the right balance. One endeavor can feed the other in ways you did not anticipate, or your networks can converge and allow you to help more people. There are many possibilities out there, but the limiting belief of the “one and only” super specified niche is bullshit. You are so much more than what you give yourself credit for, and I myself am guilty of this as well. Again, if you are fulfilled in what you are doing, keep doing it and don’t look back! But never be afraid of the potential for something more.

Being multipassionate does not mean that all of your pursuits need to be wrapped up in an elegant little bow that is palatable to everyone.

I used to think the exact opposite, and that I was better keeping each business to itself; but being a solopreneur that is beyond exhausting and nearly impossible. So eventually cobranding was what I adapted when it was appropriate: holidays, sharing my book writing journey, or just a recent fun post about a vacation. Although event planning, specifically weddings, and real estate are very big life changing investments, I do shift my skill sets when I go from one to the other, and I do not want to create confusion with either brand. Basically what I am saying is I am human, and I have FINALLY after months of inner dialogue bullshit loved myself wholly as a boss bitch in events and real estate. It took me a long time to realize I did not owe anyone an explanation for choosing to live a little bit differently, and intentionally deriving my income from two commission/sales based roles. A lot of times that inner dialogue that we think applies to the outside world actually does not exist.

Check out my real estate practice here. :)

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