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The 2022 Cocktail

With 2 shots of wedding celebraitions, an ounce of relocation, and splash of new service offerings, 2022 has been a delicious cocktail to consume.

It has been a year full of change at CBK, both professionally and personally. We started the year celebrating the beautiful Ponkratz-Grosshuesch wedding, and ended it adding three new couples to the #CBKcouple family in December. In between we had so much fun with the Zitzke-Meyer wedding/PARTY in June, and adjusting to life in our new Milwaukee metropolitan location of Shorewood, Wisconsin. A few big highlights, along with some lessons to share:

  • Returning back to Milwaukee after a ten month hiatus in the Madison area was by far the best decision made this year. My love for Milwaukee and the surrounding areas runs deep, and it has been so nice to be back in the land of my alma mater, but more importantly closer to friends and getting the privilege to move in with my best friend Amgad.

  • The 90 Day Glow package (assistance kicking in 90 days prior to the big day) has been a hit! I was hesitant to launch this late last year, but it has proven to be an ideal fit for many Milwaukee couples this year. It is definitely a gratifying experience to expand our offerings while meeting market needs.

  • Although I had less weddings than normal this year (2), it allowed for a lot of planning time and execution. I redid my website, adjusted my prices to a more aligned scale, got past ridiculous fears on social media and actively showed up (even when legit 30 people were "looking"), and began the search for a temporary part time team member. Fine tuning has been the theme for this year as I look to 2023, my biggest one yet! I will have 5 weddings, 1 rehearsal dinner, and 1 graduation party and I am so excited:)

  • When I was 2.5 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in my knees and fingers, and lived with it every day until I was 22.5ish. While in remission for 4 years, in March I was officially back into the RA world with autoimmune issues and severe joint pain. Getting older sucks! Ha. However, after months of doctors appointments, medications, etc I have got this thing down again.

  • Our dog Lady Lexi has always been a trip, and this year we were lucky enough to celebrait many health wins! Going to the doggy dermatologist/cardiologist was no cheap date, but it brought us the best gift of all: our Lexi feeling young and fun again. She turned 13 (91) just a few days ago, and is one hell of a CPO (Chief Pup Officer)!

  • We are engaged! After four years of memories and love Amgad and I are now taking the next step in our relationship. You would think planning my own wedding would be a breeze, but I am bracing fro an exciting, challenging, and expensive journey to "I Do". And of course, I will have an onsite coordinator to #celebrait with us. ;)

  • Many of you know I took on a part time job that was arguably made for me, as the Event Planning Specialist with Wisconsin DECA, a nonprofit student organization focused on business, marketing, and entrepreneurship. I was a 4 year DECA member in high school, and am now planning the exact conferences I attended all those years ago. Most recently (along with a strong team) I was able to execute a 13 state, 1500 attendee conference in none other than downtown Milwaukee. Conference planning is far different from wedding planning, and I have genuinely enjoyed learning this side of the industry, and know this is just the beginning! Not only that, but having to better manage my time I have unknowingly leveled up in efficiency and client communications to serve you all better.

  • This year self care was my #1, even when I did not want it to be. Being a solopreneur is exhausting, and taking time for me, Amgad, Lexi, and family/friends was vital to my successes this year. Even when self care can sometimes seem like an extra thing to add to your day, it often was the thing that kept my mind clear while running two businesses and planning my biggest conference to date.

  • Real estate was far from easy this year as I work to establish myself in Milwaukee/Shorewood. However I am hanging tough and I am excited to see this grow alongside CBK for years to come. :)

  • The day after we got engaged I lost someone very close to me. They were an avid reader of my book excerpts, one of my biggest cheerleaders, and formed so many parts of the woman I am today. My heart hurts immensely, but I know they are now pain free, and that's all I need after an overflowing amount of special memories. May they Rest In Peace and have an amazing heavenly party every. damn. day.

  • As mentioned above I am seeking a part time team member to help me with wedding set ups/takedowns, and perhaps some assistance to allow CBK to be double booked. Although I have survived 5 of my 6 weddings without hired help, to save my body (flaring during my last wedding was as fun as it sounds) I am going to need some more support moving forward. Since every wedding I have had varies so much in depth of decor, I have obviously been putting this off, but it's time! If you know anyone with event experience looking for very part time work send them to me please. :)

  • I am still chugging along on my book, tentatively titled "The AfterParty", and plan to publish it in 2023- stay tuned!

With lots of changes this year it was overall a beautiful year for Celebrait by Kait. I thank you for sticking by me and I am grateful for the memories we have had together past, present, and future! A toast to you all and 2023!

XO, Kait

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