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*originally posted in 2021 on the inactive Wordpress Website

Raise your hand if wedding planning has ever caused you stress… A beautiful, commemorative day with the love of your life should feel the opposite of this, right?! I see bride and grooms day in and day out who are quite simply overwhelmed by the process and much of it begins with the ever important task of picking a venue, caterer, photographer, and other vendors that are paramount to your big day. It usually begins with questions like this..

  • What vibe do we like?

  • Do we picture ourselves saying “I Do” here?

  • Will this comfortably fit our guest count?

  • How will food and drinks flow?

  • What colors suit us?

  • What kind of dining would we prefer (buffet, sit down, heavy apps)?

  • Is XYZ Vendor ready to handle all of our curated needs?

  • Will the day feel like US?

These questions are not only common, but necessary. Born out of this need, CBK is proud to announce the addition of Preplanning Services. Let’s get rid of the myriad of choices and imminent intimidation and make wedding planning FUN! Our packages differ by specific client need, but generally can be broken down as follows. Pricing will vary based on many factors, so send us an inquiry today so we can quote your consultation needs.

Feel you have the rest of the planning figured out? That’s fine, we are happy to give you the right start and positioning with your planning! Of course, we would love to get you to the matrimonial finish line and subsequent services are always an option! Now, let’s plan the sh*t out of your wedding.

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