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Down the Aisle: Ponkratz-Grosshuesch 1.15.22

Updated: Feb 16

Alex and Craig's beautiful wedding celebraition was a mix of classic elements with a beautiful urban backdrop.

Officially married!

Meet the Grosshuesch's...

We met on a booze cruise put together during our medical school orientation week. He made it very clear on the boat that he was “interested in focusing on his career and not getting into dating”...his attempt at being “tough”. Didn’t work, we were dating 1 month later.

He used to live around the corner from a pizza place. I remember we were studying one day and we took a break by getting pizza and then going to Yo Mama Froyo. When we were driving back from his palace, windows down, music blaring...I remember looking over and thinking “yep. This is the one.” -Dr. Alex Grosshuesch

Porter stealing the show;)

Snow + diamonds🤍

WHEN? The Grosshuesch's made it official on January 15, 2022.

Beautiful portrait on Holton Street Bridge

Porter loves seeing mama aka the BRIDE!

Color, color, and more color!

WHERE? The ceremony and reception took place at the Ivy House in Milwaukee, WI. Paul Grosshuesch (FOG) performed the ceremony.

Cava-Ehland Wedding Color Palette


Alex and Craig kept it simple with beautiful white florals and greenery that tailored perfectly to the intricate Cream City backdrop at the Ivy House. Alex's hairstyle was an homage to old Hollywood glam and she adorned a classic silhouette. All decor was tasteful and accented the space through illumination and a duotone palette.

Handmade Boutonnières

Custom hanger + the winter shawl🤍

All the colors in this invitation suite


The Ivy House is a renowned venue in the area that delivers on the classic roots of Milwaukee with modern city elements. The city life element was important to the couple as both their engagement and wedding photos took place in the Historic Third Ward.

Simple cake with wonderful added details

Beautiful garter

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