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"I want to break free..."

*Posted in 2020 on inactive Wordpress website

Coming at you quite some time after my last post with some clarity and inspiration. Being a creativepreneur is a tough road, navigated by you solely with an ever-present requirement of motivation. The best days are truly the best, where you feel like you are floating on air, almost observing yourself from above as you tap into your inspiration and true creative power while being productive. It a fabulous junction, and I can tell you an absolute force to be reckoned with from the outside.

Of course I am an optimist, and enjoy these days more than anything.. In my first ten months of business pretty much EVERY single day felt like this. It was magical, complete with my favorite animal (unicorns) and rainbows. However, the pandemic came alive (particularly in Wisconsin) in March 2020. Rescheduling, pivoting, and contractual jiu-jitsu became the new norm, and for awhile I THRIVED. As most of us can relate, I did not know what else to do but bust my ass to survive and live up to my potential for my clients…

Then came pandemic fatigue, and I lost some of my *sparkle* and felt quite discouraged by pretty much everything. In the CBK world the beauty of my work is the experience and the event occurring itself. These are moments in time that can be fleeting, yet last forever as fond, unique memories. Not having that “instant gratification” of actual weddings taking place in 2020 was difficult, and I absolutely let it get in my way.

I am not one to lie down easily, or close a book before its done proverbially. I am simply writing this post as a means to share that it is OKAY to not feel 100%, and acknowledging that feeling is half the battle.

I titled this blog “I want to break free” as of course the famous Queen song was playing in the background when I felt called to type this up. I do truly want to break free from letting the pandemic dictate my level of passion, and anything else that comes my way.

Life is CRAZY, and we never know where it will take us. If you told me I would be working full time in residential luxury leasing whilst juggling three 2021 weddings I would not have believed you. Lean in to the unpredictable my friends, because “breaking free” is what allows you to level up and embrace your highest level of fulfillment and fabulosity.

XOXO, Kait

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