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#Celebrait and Toast To A Successful Event

*originally posted in 2020 on inactive Wordpress website

I always knew that I would own an Event Planning Company someday, but I really did not expect to start so soon. And thanks to all of the fabulous and influential mentors and #GirlBosses that I follow, I took the leap to start my company knowingly lacking certain knowledge and skills, but being determined to study my way to success. The monumental “aha” moment that gave me the push to start was the engagement of my close friends the spring of 2019. I knew it was my time, and I would have to pay my dues with this first client to boost my portfolio and get where I wanted to go. At that point, it was off to the (unicorn) races.

The way I run my firm comes down to a few principles: my love for anything that sparkles (of course bubbly too), the power of creativity in creating a unique client experience, positive thinking, and maintaining humility and appreciation along the way.

My vision for CBK is straighforward: “Curating life’s special moments with an emphasis on an effervescent, memorable, and stress-free experience”. My slogan furthers this idea along with my love of champagne: “Celebrait and toast to a successful event”. Pretty simple, but oh so fabulous.

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