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Seasonal Selections: CBK Fall Wedding Favorites

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

It is PSL season and it feels so good! Recapping a few of our faves over at CBK when it comes to harvest season nuptials. Fall speaks to the coziness of life, and so do these six must haves!

1. A Flavorful Nod to Pumpkin

Even if you do not like the taste of pumpkin, we believe that pumpkins have a calming effect on all of us. Fall weather brings on the PSL, comfy sweaters and cozy blankets, and eventually brings in the holiday season and time together with friends and family. So of course any fall affair is the perfect excuse to add elements of pumpkin for all to enjoy. This can be a seasonal hot beverage, pumpkin flavored dessert, or pumpkin favors.

At the very least, some pumpkin used for decor honors the harvest season. This can be through place cards, a custom couple carving, or again a favor to take home. Here is an adorable pumpkin wedding cake topper on Amazon. :)

2. Chalkboard Decor

Fall ushers in the #backtoschool season, so why not play on this theme and add cocktails? Chalkboard gives the perfect "I don't take myself too seriously" vibe with its understated beauty and classic black and white color palette. At CBK we think for this season particularly, chalkboard decor should not include color, as you let the floral and other decor do the talking. This can be implemented several ways, from a welcome sign, to an order of the events memo, bar menu, or special table labeling ("In memory of", etc). However, when implementing this style it often times will not be actual chalk board due to the delicacy of the artwork itself. Always make sure your signage or calligraphy provider is sealing designs, allowing for all day FUNctionality!

Amazon picks here:

3. Lounge Furniture

Need I say more? You are already all gussied up and put a ton of effort into your look for the day, you might as well have some comfortable furniture to enjoy the day with! Of course, spills are more likely with this type of seating, so proceed with caution and make sure your rental company includes spill insurance, or has contractual protection in the event of a guest spill. Lounge furniture aligns great with this time of year as it creates a warm, welcoming vibe. Although we adore the look of bench and lounge seating for formal meals, we find it to be pretty impractical with formal attire and heavy dinners... Dealer's choice though! A particularly good route for a fall wedding is rattan material, deep autumnal hues, and clean lines. Vintage style is workable in subtle ways, but extensive woodwork and heavy upholstery is usually suited best for other seasons.. More to come on that in following #seasonalselections posts.

4. Candles

Quite honestly our philosophy here is the more candles the better! As long as we are following venue rules and staying safe, go ahead and light up the room to your heart's content. In many settings candlelight signals serenity, which is a welcome vibe to the couple on their wedding day, and a nice touch for attendees. Plus, a little romantic glow accentuates any wedding at any time (yes you will see us gush over candles another time).

All the Amazon goodness here:

5. Foliage

Let's ~fall~ in love y'all! A touch of real foliage is a nice, warm touch for your fall day. Not to mention it is pretty cost effective. This can be implemented in many ways, but CBK advises to keep it to a medium tone, and not the equivalent of jumping into a pile of leaves. ;)

6. Hats

All hail the hats! If your hair and accessories permit, at CBK we love a good hat moment! Whether the couple indulges in this accessory or guests are welcome to indulge, either adds to the falltastic elements of your special day.

Some Amazon picks for you here:

Check out my product Blog Picks on Pinterest. We would love to see your stylistic take on Fall! Tag us on IG @celebraitbykait with the hashtag #cbkseasonalselections. XO

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